Discover the Depths of God’s Word… Together

Discover the Depths of God’s Word… Together

People of all ages from your area meet in-person and online.

30-week study begins mid-September 2022

Discover God’s Tender Heart for Rebellious People.

Understand great hope in the darkest of times — spanning 15 Old Testament books.

More about this year's study

Beginning with 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles – we will see a great drama unfold after the triumphal times of King David and Solomon, as God’s people tumble into unfaithfulness and sin. But this dark time reveals God’s persistent love for His people and the lengths to which He will go to fulfill His promises. We will hear the cry of prophets like Jonah, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, and Jeremiah, as they call God’s people to return and trust in the coming Messiah — as the only hope for a people divided from each other and their creator.

The goal of the study is to surface life-changing, timeless truths about God, people, human history, and our lives.


Anyone Can Join. Free of Charge.

People of all ages, denominations and backgrounds come together at Bible Study Fellowship weekly to discuss and live out what they learn in the Bible. We believe it’s important for everyone to personally explore the Word of God in community so all our studies are offered without cost.

In-Depth Bible Study. For all ages!

The children’s program at BSF consists of BSF Kids (ages 0-5) and BSF Students (ages 5-17). Trained leaders teach the same passages as the adults in age-appropriate ways so your children can grow in their Bible knowledge and love for God along with you.

A Deeper Way to Study Together

Through our four-fold approach, you will answer daily questions from Scripture in a personal study time and then discuss the passage in a weekly discussion group, listen to teaching on the passage and then finally read notes that explore the passage further. 

Answer questions

Listen to teaching

Discuss with others

Explore Biblical Commentary

Study. Discuss. Live it out.

Bring your Bible… we will provide the rest.

For your study, bring along any trusted translation of the Bible (for example NIV, ESV, NASB, KJV). Lessons are available in a variety of formats including downloadable PDF and on the BSF App. Printed Lesson Books are also available to order.

People of all ages from your area meet in-person and online.